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Why Do We Kiss Their Butts?

There is a romance between politicians and musicians that occurs every election cycle. Whether it be the mid-term elections or the Presidential Election, musicians flock to support their favorite politicians. The interesting thing is that the artists really care about the country and all the politician seems to care about is getting re-elected. Big business … Continue reading

Music Costs Too Much

Well, we have really screwed things up.  Music is essentially worthless today.  There are so many streaming services that in a relatively short period of time, the CD will cease to exist.  The idea of buying music may disappear altogether.  There are a number of reasons why selling music may soon become a thing of … Continue reading


This year has started off in just about the worst way possible for me. In the middle of last week, we found out our beloved Golden Retriever “Mickey” has a cancer called Hemangiosarcoma, more often referred to as HSA. In his case it is a tumor on his heart. Last Tuesday, Mickey was acting a … Continue reading