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William Shatner Rocks

Let me preface this piece by saying that I am a huge William Shatner fan. That is why I went to see his new show on Broadway, “Shatner’s World”. Don’t confuse me with a Trekkie. I don’t speak Klingon, nor do I own a Phaser or Tri-Corder. Growing up in the 60’s, Star Trek was … Continue reading

Pop Music circa 2102

There are a number of things wrong with the music business these days.  But one of the most disturbing things is that there is just not a  comprehensive mechanism in place for pop music.  Adele is an exception to this statement and perhaps one or two other acts.  But for the most if you are … Continue reading

The Grammys

There was a time when the Grammys were the biggest event of the year for the music business and besides the Oscars, they were the biggest event in show business. For major labels it could literally make or break your year. Especially if the the acts that won had not yet enjoyed tremendous commercial success … Continue reading