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The Long Island Sound

Many of you are reading this while sitting at the kitchen table in the house you grew up in. That is not possible for me. My parents sold my childhood home on Long Island, shortly after I got my first apartment in NYC. I seldom get back to Long Island. But when I do the … Continue reading

Randon Thoughts

FLUTTERBALL WINS OUT OVER 95 MPH FASTBALL Congratulations to R.A. Dickey. Dickey, who was a high school and college pitching phenom was  granted an  $800,000  signing bonus by the Texas Rangers. During the mandatory physical exam it was discovered he was born without an ulnar collateral ligament in his right arm.  This is a problem … Continue reading

Better Days

Here is a list of some institutions that are about to face hard times or disappear altogether. ROCK MUSIC It is already half dead.  A combination of greed, science and ego has brought rock music to its knees. Greed, because the record labels sought out acts that would sell, not necessarily the best acts.  Science, … Continue reading