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Alice In Chains Revisited

My daughter Jessica had to go to back to work. So I drove her back to her apartment in NYC this morning.  On the way back I was listening to “Lithium”, a channel on Sirius/XM.  I don’t listen to this channel much, but it seems to be one that is dedicated to rock music of … Continue reading

How Terrestrial Radio Can Survive

Anybody reading this grew up with radio as their main source of music. All that has changed.  While it is probably still the place most people discover new music, it won’t be for long. I just bought a new car. Just like everyone else who buys a new car these days I am able to … Continue reading


Probably the best concert of its type ever.  Each performance was right on target, not too long and thankfully they played mostly hits.  The interstitial guests, Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart et al, were great and perfectly on mark. This statement does not apply to “Drunk Uncle”.  That act has been done … Continue reading

New Music for Old(er) People

Most of us like to find new music to listen to.  However, with the conservative nature of radio, the vastness of the internet and the normal time constraints of a busy schedule, make it difficult to discover new music. To those who read this that are part of the music business, this blog may seem … Continue reading

Ticket Hell

Make no mistake about it, we are living through a class war. We can thank our politicians for making the rift even bigger than necessary. Nowhere is the rift between the “Have” and “Have Nots” more noticeable than in the entertainment business. The price of concert and sports tickets are through the roof. Professional sports … Continue reading