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Do We Need Record Labels?

The short answer is absolutely not.  10 or 15 years ago, labels were comprised of creative, imaginative people, with a great deal of money at their disposal and the knowledge and vision as to how to best utilize both. Almost all those people are gone.  They have been replaced  by people that are desperate to … Continue reading

Sonos Play Bar and Random thoughts

As I have stated before, I always have either the TV or music on.  I hardly ever listen to music on terrestrial radio.  When I do  listen to the radio I am almost always listening to Sportstalk radio, usually WFAN.  I do listen to Sirius, but usually only in my car.  Huey Lewis once said, … Continue reading

MTV, Bon Jovi and life in the 80s

I see that the original MTV VJs are on a publicity “run” supporting a new book that they have collectively written.  Normally I would say that something like this is gratuitous and unnecessary.  In this case it is quite the opposite.  There is no questions in my mind that MTV changed the cultural landscape of … Continue reading