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The Music Business vs the Real World

I was having a quick lunch today in a local restaurant and I overheard the conversation at a local table. It was obviously a boss and three of his employees. There was nothing about work and everything else was very mundane and superficial. What dawned on me how different their professional lives were from mine. … Continue reading

Going, Going, Gone (The Death of the Album)

It has been forecast for years, but this year may mark the demise of the CD. So those of you who, like me, who have hundreds or thousands of CDs around the house, the question remains…what do you do with all these? It is really no surprise, but industry execs and other analysts have been … Continue reading

Newport Folk Festival 2013

Newport, Rhode Island is known as a sanctuary for the uber wealthy,¬† the site where the America’s Cup races began and music. In a musical¬† context it is probably best known as the place where Bob Dylan changed the face of music, by plugging in his guitar. At the time he was booed. Pete Seeger … Continue reading