Jim passed away in September 2018. We keep this site active so you can read Jim's thoughts on various artists and the music business. As the former Senior Vice President of Promotion at Columbia Records and founder/helmsman of the artist management company-Jim Del Balzo Entertainment, Jim has managed, consulted, and developed/executed the promotion and marketing plans for some of the planet’s most beloved musicians. He has guided the careers of artists/acts such as Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Alice In Chains, James Taylor, George Michael, Soul Asylum, and System of a Down; to name just a few. Jim also did consulting for labels and publishing companies including Columbia Records, Warner Brothers/Reprise Records, Hear Music/Starbucks, EMI Music Publishing and several other entertainment entities. Jim Del Balzo Entertainment clients has included John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, LL Cool J, Burt Bacharach, City Sleeps, Buddahead and Since October.     Jim’s highly successful career and great service to the music industry has earned him a number of accolades and awards over the years. Namely, he was voted one of the Top 25 Most Important People in Rock Music (2000) and Promotion Executive of the Year (5 times) by Album Network—from which he also received a Lifetime Achievement Award. And Clear Channel twice honored Jim with the Executive of the Year Award while Friday Morning Quarterback and Radio & Records named him Top Industry Executive 7 times combined.   Today, Jim Del Balzo takes his talent to the microphone, adding voice work to his remarkable repertoire. His promotional expertise and attuned top executive instincts-combined with his richly unique sound- delivers VO that is truly somethin’ else.   Jim Del Blazo VO.  Like nothin’ you’ve heard. Like nobody’s business.   Jim lives in Saddle River, New Jersey with his wife Mary Beth, daughters Jessica and Julia, and their two golden retrievers.
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Bob Dylan

I haven’t written in quite awhile. Most of my blogs are about the music business and quite frankly there is not much interesting happening in the music business these days. Most people feel that this is a great time for young musicians, because they can release their music to the public via the internet. These … Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2014

I don’t go anymore. I stopped going about the time it went from being a special and fun industry invent, into a television event. It was a formal affair. Which was half of the fun, because it seemed like an inside joke. All these guys, myself included who made their living in the trenches of … Continue reading

Is Music Dying?

For so many of us, music was a way of life. In the  60’s and 70’s, when rock music truly started to take hold of my generation there wasn’t much to do. We could go outside for a drive, ride bikes, play ball or just hang out. We could go to the movies or the … Continue reading

Corporations Holding Music Hostage

Brands have taken over the music business. At least that seems to be the impression that has come out of Austin’s South by Southwest Festival. The first victim of commercialism is the festival itself. When the event started, nearly 20 years ago, it was a fairly intimate setting where A&R people would flock to find … Continue reading

Don’t Hold Onto Your Dreams Too Long

Some would say the internet has been a huge boost for musicians. It enables young artists to expose music to the masses and find their fan base. I contend that it gives thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of musicians a false sense of their talent. It allows people that otherwise would have found lucrative careers, … Continue reading

Grammys…Where’s the Beef?

I am writing this a day later than usual, because I am still trying to decipher what happened at the Grammys. The worst Grammy show ever was viewed by over 28 million people. Were they tuned in just to see the Paul/Ringo reunion? If so, they had to be sadly disappointed. One thing was very … Continue reading

Album Debuts of Bruce Springsteen and Other Superstars: Past and Present

Bruce Springsteen will be debuting his album in full via CBS.com. The crazy thing is you have to go to the portal for the show The Good Wife to find out. The album debut is apparently not important enough to make the first page of the CBS.com website. How has it come to this? The … Continue reading

Music Streaming: Here to Stay? Or What can our government do to help?

It is interesting to see younger folks involved in the music industry try to deal with the new reality that they face. Most of these people don’t have much experience to draw upon. Since they have only been in the business for 10 or 12 years, they don’t know what it was once like and … Continue reading

Songwriting 101/It is All About the Hook

I am not a songwriter by any stretch of the imagination. I can only play a few chords on the guitar and a few songs on the piano. However, one thing I can recognize is a hit song. As long as I can remember I have always had music in my head. There is always … Continue reading

Music and the Internet…Feast or Famine

Some people believe the digital age has been a good thing for the music world. I believe it has been a total disaster. I get frustrated when I start thinking about all the benefits artists like Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, John Mellencamp and a host of other folks have done for politicians. I cringe when … Continue reading