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Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2014

I don’t go anymore. I stopped going about the time it went from being a special and fun industry invent, into a television event. It was a formal affair. Which was half of the fun, because it seemed like an inside joke. All these guys, myself included who made their living in the trenches of … Continue reading

Album Debuts of Bruce Springsteen and Other Superstars: Past and Present

Bruce Springsteen will be debuting his album in full via CBS.com. The crazy thing is you have to go to the portal for the show The Good Wife to find out. The album debut is apparently not important enough to make the first page of the CBS.com website. How has it come to this? The … Continue reading

Music Streaming: Here to Stay? Or What can our government do to help?

It is interesting to see younger folks involved in the music industry try to deal with the new reality that they face. Most of these people don’t have much experience to draw upon. Since they have only been in the business for 10 or 12 years, they don’t know what it was once like and … Continue reading

Songwriting 101/It is All About the Hook

I am not a songwriter by any stretch of the imagination. I can only play a few chords on the guitar and a few songs on the piano. However, one thing I can recognize is a hit song. As long as I can remember I have always had music in my head. There is always … Continue reading

Sports Explode as the Music Industry Fizzles

I heard today that tickets for the World Series games at Fenway Park are going for an average of $2100.  That is not even the best seats!!! Most of these seats go to businesses or individuals who can write this expense off. Front row Rolling Stone tickets were going for $10,000 a clip on their … Continue reading

Rock Stars are Like Herpes…They Never Go Away

We are in the midst of a unique time in music history. The songwriters, musicians, performers and icons that we grew up with are still performing and relevant 50 years later. This has never occurred before. We have  had the ability to see our heroes age right before our eyes, for better or for worse. … Continue reading

New Music…What is it Good For?

There was a time when new music made the record industry go ’round. Potentially labels would make more money from a young artist that they “broke” than from established artists on their roster. These acts would get signed relatively cheaply. They were usually tied up for two or three albums with lower recording budgets, smaller … Continue reading

The Music Business vs the Real World

I was having a quick lunch today in a local restaurant and I overheard the conversation at a local table. It was obviously a boss and three of his employees. There was nothing about work and everything else was very mundane and superficial. What dawned on me how different their professional lives were from mine. … Continue reading

Going, Going, Gone (The Death of the Album)

It has been forecast for years, but this year may mark the demise of the CD. So those of you who, like me, who have hundreds or thousands of CDs around the house, the question remains…what do you do with all these? It is really no surprise, but industry execs and other analysts have been … Continue reading

Newport Folk Festival 2013

Newport, Rhode Island is known as a sanctuary for the uber wealthy,  the site where the America’s Cup races began and music. In a musical  context it is probably best known as the place where Bob Dylan changed the face of music, by plugging in his guitar. At the time he was booed. Pete Seeger … Continue reading