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Bob Dylan

I haven’t written in quite awhile. Most of my blogs are about the music business and quite frankly there is not much interesting happening in the music business these days. Most people feel that this is a great time for young musicians, because they can release their music to the public via the internet. These … Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2014

I don’t go anymore. I stopped going about the time it went from being a special and fun industry invent, into a television event. It was a formal affair. Which was half of the fun, because it seemed like an inside joke. All these guys, myself included who made their living in the trenches of … Continue reading

Is Music Dying?

For so many of us, music was a way of life. In the  60’s and 70’s, when rock music truly started to take hold of my generation there wasn’t much to do. We could go outside for a drive, ride bikes, play ball or just hang out. We could go to the movies or the … Continue reading

Album Debuts of Bruce Springsteen and Other Superstars: Past and Present

Bruce Springsteen will be debuting his album in full via CBS.com. The crazy thing is you have to go to the portal for the show The Good Wife to find out. The album debut is apparently not important enough to make the first page of the CBS.com website. How has it come to this? The … Continue reading

Music and the Internet…Feast or Famine

Some people believe the digital age has been a good thing for the music world. I believe it has been a total disaster. I get frustrated when I start thinking about all the benefits artists like Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, John Mellencamp and a host of other folks have done for politicians. I cringe when … Continue reading

Sports Explode as the Music Industry Fizzles

I heard today that tickets for the World Series games at Fenway Park are going for an average of $2100.  That is not even the best seats!!! Most of these seats go to businesses or individuals who can write this expense off. Front row Rolling Stone tickets were going for $10,000 a clip on their … Continue reading

The Music Business vs the Real World

I was having a quick lunch today in a local restaurant and I overheard the conversation at a local table. It was obviously a boss and three of his employees. There was nothing about work and everything else was very mundane and superficial. What dawned on me how different their professional lives were from mine. … Continue reading

Deal Me In

Technology has reshuffled the deck when it comes to entertainment and other industries in our world.  It is restructuring many industries and putting millions of people out of work.  When we were kids we were told that robots would someday replace men.  That day is here, but we are not being replaced by robots, but … Continue reading

The Shop Around the Corner

As most of you probably do, I spent more time than usual watching TV over the holidays.  It is a good time to re-connect with some old favorites.  Several networks have been running “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  It really is a great romantic comedy.  It is a story about a … Continue reading

New Music for Old(er) People Part II

I am going to start with an artist you probably don’t know, but who is not at all new.  In fact he died nearly 30 years ago.  Steve Goodman is one of my favorite performers and songwriters of all time. If you went to see him perform you would spend half the show laughing and … Continue reading